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End Grain Cutting Boards

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Reversible surface end grain cutting boards handmade in Texas

We classify dark boards as containing more than 50% dark wood.

Center engravings on the front of carvers makes them very hard to clean. By default we will put the engraving on the back of the board, unless the notes say otherwise.
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Why you’ll love our end grain cutting boards

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End grain boards are heirloom-quality

Where flat grain and edge grain cutting boards show their cuts more easily, the natural properties of wood fiber allow an end grain cutting board to “self-heal.” And that keeps its beautifully iconic checkerboard cutting surface looking new—even after years of use. At Gum Creek, every end grain cutting board is heirloom-quality. So, with proper care, your grandchildren can use it to prep meals with their grandchildren.

End grain boards spare your blades

The cutting surface of an end grain cutting board is comprised of upward-facing wood fibers that expose the tree’s growth rings. Whereas flat & edge grain boards require knives to slice through wood fibers, end grain construction lets your knives slice between wood fibers. That means less sharpening and less wear & tear on your blades. You just can’t get a better cutting experience.

End grain boards can handle any workload

The self-healing properties of end grain cutting boards don’t just keep them looking new—they keep them working like they’re new. So, while these boards are beautiful decor, they aren’t just eye candy—they’re workhorses. In fact, with proper care, they can handle 8-hour/day commercial use—for years. And that’s not hypothetical. It’s happening right now in restaurants across the country. So, if you’re a professional chef, you’ll love this board. And if you’re a home cook, this is the last cutting board you’ll need to buy.
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End grain cutting board with juice groove

Are you feeling the (juice) groove?

Tired of juices, oils, and loose pieces of food getting in your way (or spilling onto your countertop) while you’re cutting? Order your end grain cutting board with a juice groove. Rather have maximum cutting surface area? Order yours without it.

Personalized end grain cutting boards

Have us laser-engrave your end grain cutting board to create a personalized heirloom that your family can not only pass on, but continue using for generations to come.
Sweet gum end grain cutting boards

Our sweet spot for sweet gum end grain cutting boards

Sweet gum is the core species for every Gum Creek board, and our end grain cutting boards are no exception. Sweet gum wood varies from the palest white to the deepest auburn. And that natural diversity makes its way into each board, giving your board its own unique character and beauty.

While sweet gum wood might dance all over the color spectrum, its durability, lightness of weight, and natural satiny feel are constant. So, you get a show-stopping, heirloom-quality cutting board that can be passed along for generations.

End grain cutting boards—hand-crafted from responsibly harvested East Texas timber

Every Gum Creek end grain cutting board is built by hand. But it goes beyond that. We (selectively & responsibly) harvest, mill, and kiln-dry East Texas timber. Then, we hand-pick each plank and hand-craft your cutting board to perfection. Finally, we apply our all-natural finish, laser-engrave it, and ship it to you from right here in East Texas.

Straight outta the Gum Creek Catalog

Still like the feel and smell of paper? Well, you won't get that on our website, but here's the product description copied and pasted directly from the print version of the Gum Creek Boards Catalog. So, as you read, just imagine the feel and smell of good ol' fashion paper.

The end grain cutting board is made from end pieces of wood. It usually comes in a checkerboard pattern, which is the main characteristic you’ll need to be able to recognize that it is indeed an end grain cutting board. While these types of wood cutting board are a bit more expensive, some people deem it worthy, as it is better for your knives. End grain cutting boards have a “self-healing” factor, as the fibers close up after they have been cut by the knife. This makes knife marks not as noticeable as they would be on edge or flat grain boards.

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Juice Groove, No Juice Groove

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Bottom Right – $5, Center – $20, None – No Fee, Recipe – $30


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Product Reviews

4 reviews for End Grain Cutting Boards

  1. Lawrence Leed (verified owner)

    I ordered my end grain board on a Monday, and it was here on Thursday. The board is beautiful!

  2. Y oh (verified owner)

    I really like the quality and finish of the items I ordered, and I also really like the color of the cutting board. If I take good care of it, I think it will last a really long time. Also, the customer service is very good. Email answers to questions arrive quickly.

  3. Traci Sawyer

    I have 2 Gum Creek cutting boards. They are at least 4 years old. They still look as beautiful as the day I received them. This year, I plan to buy a large one. I’m so excited!

  4. Lindsey (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality and beautiful craftsmanship! This board is very well built and going to last a long time. Thank you!

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