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Flat Grain Cutting Boards

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We classify dark boards as containing more than 50% dark wood.

Center engravings on the front of carvers makes them very hard to clean. By default we will put the engraving on the back of the board, unless the notes say otherwise.
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Like the feel and smell of paper? Well, you won't get that on our website, but here's the product description copied and pasted directly from the print version of the Gum Creek Boards Catalog. So, as you read, imagine the feel and hear the rustle of good ol' fashion paper.

These boards appear similar to edge grain boards, but they have less lamination (or less sticks of wood glued together to form the surface). They will show knife marks and have a tendency to move more than the edge or end grain boards, but they are significantly less expensive. These boards are great for someone who lives in a small space, or needs a lightweight board for everyday use.

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Small (8x13x0.75), Medium (10x12x0.75), Large (10x16x0.75), Extra Large (12×19.5×0.75)

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Bottom Right – $5, Center – $20, None – No Fee, Recipe – $30


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Product Reviews

4 reviews for Flat Grain Cutting Boards

  1. Jo Lagrone (verified owner)

    LUV the board! Customer service is the best!

  2. Engmama (verified owner)

    Lightweight, Beautiful Board
    For a large cutting board, I don’t have to put on my back brace to move it, and for that, I am well pleased!

  3. Lana K (verified owner)

    I ordered this board as gift for my husband. The board is beautiful! I am very happy with the purchase.

  4. Sharon (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC Board! We sent this board to our daughter for Christmas and boy is she happy with it. She has been using a plastic board for a long time and has never been happy with it. This is the best upgrade ever. The wood color is beautiful the groove is perfect for catching ALL the juices. Very satisfied with the product and would recommend to everyone.
    Now for the above and beyond…. here it is Christmas and I fat fingered a 2 into the address when it should have been a 1.. OMG. I called and spoke to Oh gosh… I think Carol… Please I hope that is correct because she was wonderful. My error for sure but she managed to work some holiday magic and get the board delivered to the correct address BEFORE Christmas… Thank you Thank you for such EXCELLENT customer Service. Really I appreciate you for that…

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