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Flat Grain Cutting Boards


Handmade flat grain cutting boards

We classify dark boards as containing more than 50% dark wood.

Center engravings on the front of carvers makes them very hard to clean. By default we will put the engraving on the back of the board, unless the notes say otherwise.
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Why flat grain cutting boards are awesome

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Flat grain boards are ultra-affordable

Flat grain cutting boards require less glue, cuts, and time than edge grain boards and only a fraction of the cuts, glue, and time that our end grain boards demand. Although they show cuts more easily than end grain and edge grain, they get you a gorgeous, functional cutting board—at a rock-bottom price.

Flat grain boards are super-lightweight

Because flat grain cutting boards are much less dense than end grain and edge grain boards, they’re the ultimate in terms of portability. That said, they also slide more easily than edge grain and end grain boards.


Want the ultimate in beauty, durability & knife-friendliness? See our end grain boards.


Want a durable board that’s easier on your wallet? See our edge grain boards.

Flat grain cutting board with juice groove

Are you feeling the (juice) groove?

Juice grooves allow you to keep oils, juices, and loose pieces of food out of your way (and off your countertop) while you’re cutting. Rather maximize your cutting surface area? Order yours without the juice groove.

Personalized flat grain cutting boards

For a truly unique, personalized flat grain cutting board, opt for laser-engraving.

Sweet gum flat grain cutting boards

Our sweet spot for sweet gum flat grain cutting boards

Sweet gum is the core species for our flat grain cutting boards. Sweet gum wood varies from the palest white to the deepest auburn. And that natural diversity is on display in every board we build, ensuring your board is truly one-of-a-kind character.

While sweet gum wood might dance all over the color spectrum, its durability, lightness of weight, and natural satiny feel are consistent. And that gives you an ultra-lightweight cutting board that will last for years.

Flat grain cutting boards—hand-crafted & responsibly harvested from Texas timber

Every Gum Creek flat grain cutting board is built by hand. In fact, the whole process is hands-on. We responsibly harvest, mill, and kiln-dry East Texas sweetgum timber. Then, we hand-pick each plank and hand-craft your cutting board to perfection. Lastly, we apply our all-natural finish, personalize it (if you so choose), and ship it to you.

Like the feel and smell of paper? Well, you won't get that on our website, but here's the product description copied and pasted directly from the print version of the Gum Creek Boards Catalog. So, as you read, imagine the feel and hear the rustle of good ol' fashion paper.

These boards appear similar to edge grain boards, but they have less lamination (or less sticks of wood glued together to form the surface). They will show knife marks and have a tendency to move more than the edge or end grain boards, but they are significantly less expensive. These boards are great for someone who lives in a small space, or needs a lightweight board for everyday use.

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Large Charcuterie (10"x22"), Medium Charcuterie (10"x18"), Small Charcuterie (8"x18"), Small (8x13x0.75), Medium (10x12x0.75), Large (10x16x0.75), Extra Large (12×19.5×0.75)

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Bottom Right – $5, Center – $20, None – No Fee, Recipe – $30


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