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The Beauty of a Gum Creek Cutting Board

From Our Forests

All of our wood comes from lands that we personally manage for wildlife habitat. We selectively harvest trees to promote stand health and wildlife management. We also utilize trees that have been downed due to storms, tornadoes, etc. We plant trees to put back what we take. Gum Creek is owned and operated by two foresters that have extensive training in uneven aged forest management, and a passion to protect our forest resources.

To Our Shop

Our botcher block boards are made from kiln dried lumber (from our own kilns) and produced in our shop. The shop, located in Ben Wheeler Texas, is on 5 acres of land and set up for maximum efficiency. We hand make every board individually to ensure the highest quality. Our edge-grain and end-grain boards are produced using skilled labor, food grade safe materials, and organic finishing. From beginning to end our goal is to make every board exceptional.

Art In Your Home

Every cut is unique. Every swipe of the hand plane distinct. Every piece is part of a masterpiece. Buy a board, and buy an heirloom quality butcher block for your home. We also offer laser engraving to make your butcher block a lasting treasure for your family. Our skilled graphic designer can engrave just about anything. From a simple monogram perfect for a wedding gift, to a custom logo or brand perfect for your home, she can make it happen!


We are a family-owned company of foresters committed to reasonable conservation. When you buy a project from Gum Creek, you are supporting a philosophy of business dedicated to conserving the treasured resource we have in our native forests. In addition, you get great custom products. Buy a board, feed a responsible lumberjack.

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