Custom cutting boards—handmade to last lifetimes.

Built by Texans whose (borderline clinical) obsession with detail and commitment to conservation produce heirloom-quality boards in ways that preserve our forests.

Cutting boards with custom laser engraving
Cutting boards with custom laser engraving

Heirloom-quality cutting boards—made personal

Every custom cutting board we make is heirloom-quality and, with proper board care, will last for generations. And have us laser-engrave yours to create a personalized cutting board that your grandkids can use with their grandkids.

Yes, handmade cutting boards are still a thing—and they’re awesome

In fact, every board we produce is made by hand. Here’s how your custom cutting board gets from the forest to your kitchen.

First, we harvest, mill & kiln-dry local East Texas timber. Then, we use hand-selected wood to hand-craft your cutting board to perfection. Finally, we apply our all-natural finish, customize it with laser-engraving, and ship it to you.

Sweetgum Custom Cutting Boards

Our sweet spot for sweet gum cutting boards

Sweet gum is the core species for every Gum Creek cutting board. Sweet gum wood varies from the palest white to the deepest auburn. And this natural diversity is reflected in each board, giving your board its own unique character and beauty.

While sweet gum wood might dance all over the color spectrum, its durability, lightness of weight, and natural satiny feel are constant. And that combo lets us make (ridiculously) gorgeous cutting boards that you can pass down for generations.

Custom cutting boards built to preserve the forests of East Texas

Responsible forest conservation has been a foundational commitment from the day our first board left the shop. So, when you purchase one of our custom cutting boards, you’re supporting a philosophy of preserving the natural resources of the East Texas forests.

Family-owned custom cutting board company

Owned by Crooks

Yep. That’s our last name: Crook. Now, let’s move on before you start thinking of jokes.

We hand-make custom cutting boards in a shop behind our house with some of our closest friends. It’s awesome. We love what we do. And our goal is to ensure you’re never jealous of someone else’s cutting board.

Of course, with sweetgum balls lying around, ambushes are the norm. So, if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, keep your head on a swivel.