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Wood Cutting Board Care

Tips for cutting board owners

When you buy a handmade, custom cutting board from Gum Creek, you have in your hands a board that is ready to use. We finish every board with a blend of bee’s wax and mineral oil. However, from time to time, you may need to provide a little maintenance to help it keep its pristine appearance. Here are some tips for doing just that.

How to clean a wooden cutting board

How to clean your wood cutting board

Use warm soapy water. Don’t ever submerge your cutting board in water or leave it in standing water. Dry your board and stand it upright enabling both front and back to dry. If you need to sanitize the board, spray white vinegar on the board.

How to eliminate odor from a wood cutting board

How to eliminate cutting board odor

Without proper care, wood cutting boards can stark to smell—especially if you’re chopping onions, garlic, or the like. But a wipe-down with white vinegar will remove the stink and return your board to its odor-free glory. And once it’s dry, you won’t even smell the white vinegar.

How to protect a wood cutting board

How to protect your cutting board

You will want to apply mineral oil once a week to all surfaces. Be generous in the amount of oil, let it soak into the wood, and then wipe off the excess. Once a month you can apply a mix of oil and beeswax for extra protection of the board.

How to remove wood cutting board stains

How to remove cutting board stains

For the best effect, use. hydrogen peroxide. It will remove stains and sanitize your board. For really tough stains you will have to reapply and, over time, the stains should lighten.