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Waxing your Cutting Board

Beeswax pellets can be melted down with mineral oil for a perfect board wax!

Beeswax pellets can be melted down with mineral oil for a perfect board wax!

So, you are looking for more ways to keep your Gum Creek cutting board in pristine condition? Well, I have some useful tips for you! The secret, which really isn’t a secret, is beeswax! Nothing will give your wood cutting board a better healthy-looking glow than beeswax, and it is the ultimate in protection for your boards. 

How is beeswax beneficial to your board? Well, it turns out, beeswax helps prevent your cutting board from being stained. Additionally, beeswax helps clean the wood, keep it polished, and keeps your cutting board in great condition! Straight beeswax is expensive and harder to work with. We recommend going to your local hardware store and finding a wax/oil conditioner. You will notice that the conditioners with beeswax are more expensive, but you don’t use them as often as straight mineral oil.

One of the best parts of using beeswax is that you dont have to apply it all the time. If you use your board daily, we recommend a beeswax/oil mixture should be applied once a month. Even if you aren’t using your board all that often, you should still apply wax. It is a very quick and effortless process! All you have to do is use a clean, soft towel and apply a thin layer of wax all over your board. It is easiest if you apply it in a circular motion! If you finish and your board feels extremely greasy, you should wipe the excess wax off the board with a clean part of your towel. That’s all!

Rub the oil/wax mixture into the board.

 Now you know how to properly wax your board! Beeswax will help keep your picture perfect Gum Creek board, well, picture perfect! Make sure you check out our social media for updates and more tips and tricks! Have a great week from the Gum Creek Family!