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Own an end grain cutting board to Save your money | Spare your blades | Celebrate your kitchen

End Grain Boards Are A Cut Above

Spare Your Blades

On end grain cutting boards, the cutting surface is the exposed end grain of the wood. This design allows for the knife to slip between the grain of the wood, which is much easier on your blade. End grain cutting boards have the advantage over other designs in that your knife will retain its sharpness longer and your cutting board will “self-heal” from the cuts on the board. The result is longer cutting time between needing to sharpen your knife and a retained fresh look of your wood cutting board after years of use. Heirloom quality with beauty that will last for generations.

End Grain Cutting Boards - Family Photo

Celebrate Your Kitchen

When you own a Gum Creek heirloom-quality cutting board, it’s yours. Only yours. Each cutting board is crafted in the traditional way, with hand tools. Each saw stroke, each swipe of the hand plane, yields a unique look specific to your handcrafted cutting board. Few things you can buy are uniquely yours. Make the centerpiece of your kitchen workspace one of them.

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End Grain Cutting Boards - Carver

Save Your Money

Edge-grain boards are made with long strips of hardwood that are bonded together to make up the larger cutting board. Due to the way they are constructed, they are susceptible to the natural warping of wood that causes these boards to pull apart. This ruins the cutting board. However, end grain cutting boards are comprised of the end cuts of a variety of woods. In a well-built end grain cutting board, that beautifully iconic “checker-board” pattern is resistant to pulling apart, giving you a stunning wood cutting board that will be passed down for generations.
End Grain Cutting Boards - Large

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