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Santa Board


This is a medium Flat Grain board with engraving. The price includes the engraving and customization of names only.

We classify dark boards as containing more than 50% dark wood.

Center engravings on the front of carvers makes them very hard to clean. By default we will put the engraving on the back of the board, unless the notes say otherwise.
Engraving Catalog

Leave at 0 for text

If you would like different fonts for either the first or last name fields, please specify the font names in the notes.
Thank you.

You must upload an image of a recipe with this option.
A high quality image ensures a better quality engraving.


This cute Christmas keepsake will be a memory for your family to treasure! Just send us your children’s names and we’ll take care of the rest:)

NOTE: The only thing that can be personalized are the names. All other graphics and the board fonts will stay the same:)



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