Mixed Red Oak Sweet Gum Cutting Board


With Sweetgum and Red Oak together, these cutting boards are each individual and unique additions to your kitchen that you can be very proud to own. Gum Creek’s Mixed Red Oak and Sweetgum Cutting Boards are a unique blend of art and function. We make them in both edge and end grain varieties. Get yours today!

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When most people think of cutting boards, ‘flashy’ doesn’t exactly come to mind. Cutting boards are just bland necessities to chop vegetables on and shove out of the way when company’s over, right?


There is nothing bland about the union of Red Oak and Sweetgum woods into a striated and unique cutting board that was designed to catch a visitor’s admiring eye instead of just being a glamorless utility. Red Oak wood is a deep, classy hardwood, with soul and elegance but a hint of Southern charm woven into its intricate grain. As a heavier wood, Red Oak also adds stability to your cutting board, but with the addition of the lighter Sweetgum weight, these amalgamated cutting boards are lighter than the full-on Red Oak options. Sweetgum also adds a little spice to the design of your board with its constantly varied coloration, from whiter than White Oak to a deep, poignant crimson that evokes tears in the more emotional cutting board critics.

With Sweetgum and Red Oak together, your Mixed Red Oak and Sweetgum Cutting Board will be an individual and unique addition to your kitchen that you can be very proud to own. As if the natural beauties of the wood weren’t enough, Gum Creek also provides the option of several types of styling choices to create the ideal Red Oak and Sweetgum cutting board to perfectly fit into your unique kitchen setting and cater to your culinary needs. Red Oak and Sweetgum cutting boards can either be cut in edge or end grain. Edge grain is a harder cut, but it also stresses knives more than end grain. Both types combine the rich red of Red Oak and the satiny texture of Sweetgum and portray the intricate grain of the wood. Also available are multiple different sizes for your Mixed Red Oak and Sweetgum Cutting Board, all specifically designed to meet your particular cooking needs. These include: Prep, Small, Medium, Large, and Carver. And all of this is even without our custom engraving service, here to truly give your kitchen a board like no other.

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Prep (10x12x1.5), Small (10x16x1.5), Medium (12x19x1.5), Large (13.5×21.5×1.5), Carver (15x24x1.5)


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